What is "Mini's in a Minute"?

It Is an interactive painting demo that has been designed to engage, inspire & excite whoever participates.

    It goes as follows,

     1. The Guest is greeted and asked to pick a place from 4 to 6 options, for instance: 

    Mount Hood

    The Columbia River Gorge

    Multnomah Falls

    The Oregon Coast

     2. Then pick two/three colors **

     3. From answering these two simple questions, I can spontaneously create a custom original watercolor painting before you eyes, in under 60 seconds.

 4. The individual artwork is then passed to a wrapper who will dry, package and possibly brand the art work . ***, ****

*    The choices of location can be tailored specifically to an event, location, individual or organization. i.e. pick your favorite Portland bridge, pick a PNW Volcano or 1 of the 7 wonderful of Oregon, or a Portland Bridge, or anything can become a simple painting. 


**  There will be a choice of 8 colors that are pre mixed for efficiency and aesthetic purposes.


*** The finished artwork can be placed into a small frame or placed into an envelope so it can be used as a greeting/note card.


**** The reverse side of the artwork, frame or greeting card can be branded specifically to the event, an organization or an individual. We can do this with a simple rubber stamp, or if preferred professionally printed on the paper and/or packaging can be before the event. 

This demo takes a team of 2/3 focused, fun loving & engaging people. 

      1 - A friendly greeter who collects the information and choices. 

    2 - The artist who uses the information to create the artwork. 

    3 - The wrapper who pleasantly finishes the experience with a warm smile.

    The real magic is watching your choices come to life in a fresh watercolor painting in under 60 seconds. I feel passionately that by offering a simple and fun experience that solicits individual participation like this, we can create deep, positive & lasting memories in the user. It also has the benefit of offering a unique physical takeaway that the participant had a direct input in creating.


We've found that most people then hang their "Mini's" in pride of place in their home & offices, or give them to someone they love.

We have performed this demo at Winery events, Art fairs, Coporate events, Non-Profit Fundraisers, Corporate Realty Office events, Customer appreciation events and we believe it can be utilized in many more scenarios. For example Birthdays, entertainment events, staff appreciation parties, company parties, weddings, cultural and art gatherings, promotional events etc.

If you are interested in having us perform "Mini's in a Minute" at one of your events please fill out the contact form below. Please share some details regarding the size, scope and attendance of your event.

    Please feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions, thoughts or comments. We encourage honest feedback whenever and wherever we can.

Many many thanks,

Christopher and Team Mini