My Story

As an artist, I am driven to create beauty. My art invites people to share in the wonder of the moment, providing a window into the joy of life and an escape from our mundane distractions. To do this, I engage with the world around me, distilling the emotions evoked by the most breathtaking places into artwork that reflects my own joy and inspires good feelings in others.

From the time I was a child, I felt drawn to colorful lines and angles. At age 7, I came across some magazine articles on Van Gogh and Mondrian and sought to emulate them, gaining early artistic success by winning a painting contest at school.

When I was 20, a trip to Glasgow, Scotland inspired me to truly devote my life to creating artwork. A buzzing city of warmth, vibrancy and stunning architecture, Glasgow prompted a sense of passion and fascination in me. The dynamics of the city, the movement of its buildings, the weaving dance of its vehicles, and the spirit of its citizens inspired me to draw and paint constantly. It was here I found I could make my living making art. As a sign painter at a coffee shop, I discovered people would pay me to do what I loved. So I taught myself how to paint with watercolor and indulged in my love affair with Glasgow’s architecture, selling my work to tourists and locals. The rest of my twenties was spent refining my talents until my signature patchwork linear style developed, becoming a central element to my body of work.

Love brought me to Oregon, and falling in love with this place made me stay. There is so much beauty, in Portland and the surrounding countryside, that there seems to be an endless amount of positive emotions to communicate through my artwork.


What is Mini's in a Minute ?


It Is an interactive painting demo that has been designed to engage,

inspire & excite whoever participates.

    It goes as follows,

     1. The guest is greeted and asked to pick a place from 4 to 6 options, for instance: 

    Mount Hood

    The Columbia River Gorge

    Multnomah Falls

    The Oregon Coast


    2. From answering this simple question, I can spontaneously create a custom original watercolor painting before you eyes, in under 60 seconds.


 3. The individual artwork is then passed to a wrapper who will dry, package and possibly brand the art work .

  The real magic

is watching your choices come to life in a fresh watercolor painting in under 60 seconds. I feel passionately that by offering a simple and fun experience that solicits individual participation like this, we can create deep, positive & lasting memories in the user. It also has the benefit of offering a unique physical takeaway that the participant had a direct input in creating.

We have performed this demo at Winery events, Art fairs, Coporate events, Non-Profit Fundraisers, Corporate Realty Office events, Customer appreciation events and we believe it can be utilized in many more scenarios. For example Birthdays, entertainment events, staff appreciation parties, company parties, weddings, cultural and art gatherings, promotional events etc.


If you are interested in having us perform "Mini's in a Minute" at one of your events please fill out the contact form below. Please share some details regarding the size, scope and attendance of your event.

    Please feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions, thoughts or comments. We encourage honest feedback whenever and wherever we can.

Many many thanks,

Christopher and Team Mini