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We design affordable, locally made, high quality greeting cards, postcards, notepads, magnets and more. All of our products feature the art and imagery of Oregon artist Christopher Bibby. Chris’s art acts as a powerful reminder of the beauty of nature. Our goal at iambibby is to help people connect to and share this beauty with each other through our functional, unique products. We also offer journals, calendars, stickers and coasters made by responsible partners in California and china. 

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Karin Isaacson: Head of Sales

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Christopher Bibby: Head of design

bibby@iambibby.com 503-206-2438

Terill Ketcham: Head of graphics


Annika Hinds: Head of fulfillment

Annika@iambibby.com 208-946-3800

My Story

My career as an artist began in Glasgow, Scotland in 1997.

I was a shy 20 year old boy living on my sister’s couch, working in a coffee shop in the artsy west-end of town. A co-worker saw some of the sketches I had done of Glasgow and said I could help her paint some signs at a local restaurant. I was terrified but went along and did my best. It ended up being a turning point in my life.

For two weeks I was paid to draw and paint. It felt like a miracle. This experience led to an epiphany in the form of a question: “What if I could get paid to learn how to paint?” Back at the coffee shop this question consumed me for a week and then compelled me to quit my job. I had no money, no connections, no experience, no materials and no plan but I did have a dream. That dream made a lot more sense to me than my current path of drifting from job to job without true purpose.

I gave myself one year to learn how to paint watercolors. My plan was to paint mini watercolor paintings, put them in frames and sell them on the streets to tourists and locals for $5 each. It was during those cold, wet and bleak days in the alleys of Glasgow that I found a passion for the beauty of the world and a commitment for creating honest, heartfelt and positive art. By the end of the first year I was supporting myself as an artist by selling over 100 paintings a week on the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Today my passion is stronger than ever!

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What is Mini's in a Minute ?


Minis in a Minute is an an interactive painting demo that has been designed to engage, inspire & excite whomever participates.

 Step 1: Choose an image from our menu board.

Step 2: Watch as Christopher Bibby paints your choice of watercolor in 60 seconds.

Step 3: The painting is then dried in a small oven for 20 seconds.

Step 4: Your artwork is handed back to you as a greeting card or in a frame.

Step 5: Take your treasure home. 

The magic of “Minis in a Minute” is watching the artwork come to life in a fresh watercolor painting that you have a hand in creating.

We feel passionately the by offering this simple, fun & quick experience, we can create deep, positive lasting memories & connections.

We have performed this demo at Winery events, Art fairs, Coporate events, Non-Profit Fundraisers, Corporate Realty Office events, Customer appreciation events and we believe it can be utilized in many more scenarios. For example Birthdays, entertainment events, staff appreciation parties, company parties, weddings, cultural and art gatherings, promotional events etc.


If you are interested in having us perform "Mini's in a Minute" at one of your events please fill out the contact form below. Please share some details regarding the size, scope and attendance of your event.

    Please feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions, thoughts or comments. We encourage honest feedback whenever and wherever we can.

Many many thanks,

Christopher and Team Mini