My Story

As an artist, I am driven to create beauty. My art invites people to share in the wonder of the moment, providing a window into the joy of life and an escape from our mundane distractions. To do this, I engage with the world around me, distilling the emotions evoked by the most breathtaking places into artwork that reflects my own joy and inspires good feelings in others.

From the time I was a child, I felt drawn to colorful lines and angles. At age 7, I came across some magazine articles on Van Gogh and Mondrian and sought to emulate them, gaining early artistic success by winning a painting contest at school.

When I was 20, a trip to Glasgow, Scotland inspired me to truly devote my life to creating artwork. A buzzing city of warmth, vibrancy and stunning architecture, Glasgow prompted a sense of passion and fascination in me. The dynamics of the city, the movement of its buildings, the weaving dance of its vehicles, and the spirit of its citizens inspired me to draw and paint constantly. It was here I found I could make my living making art. As a sign painter at a coffee shop, I discovered people would pay me to do what I loved. So I taught myself how to paint with watercolor and indulged in my love affair with Glasgow’s architecture, selling my work to tourists and locals. The rest of my twenties was spent refining my talents until my signature patchwork linear style developed, becoming a central element to my body of work.

Love brought me to Oregon, and falling in love with this place made me stay. There is so much beauty, in Portland and the surrounding countryside, that there seems to be an endless amount of positive emotions to communicate through my artwork.


Getting Creative

Christopher's current painting series utilizes oil and cold wax to create works that are colorful, geometric, and abstract representations of beautiful spaces. The process is more important than the place, though he primarily depicts cityscapes, landscapes, and the wine country of the Pacific Northwest. In the studio, he experiments with all sorts of mark-making tools, whether those are pallet knives, paintbrushes, or a Sharpie with a nail taped to it. "The surface of the painting is to be treated with absolute disrespect," he says. "When you're searching for new ways to texturize, anything goes."

Galleries and Partnerships

mary lou zeek gallery

portland art museum rental sales gallery

Syncline Winery



Art for a Cause


Every year, Chris donates his time and artistic skill to several charities or non-profit organizations in order to give back to the community he cares for by investing in causes he is passionate about.


american alzheimer's association

The Alzheimer's Association is the world's leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research.

Chris was approached by a leading volunteer at the AAA to create a painting inspired by artwork done by an Alzheimer's sufferer. The painting was then auctioned at their annual fundraiser. Chris created a inverted abstract painting of a watercolor entitled Tornado by Katy Smith.


Portland-based non-profit that provides healthcare to impoverished communities around the world.

Chris created two paintings of shanty towns in Lima where Health bridges does most of their work. The paintings were created specifically for their annual fundraising event in the spring. The pieces raised $1500 for the cause.


Portland Fruit Tree Project is a grass-roots non-profit organization that provides a community-based solution to a critical and growing need in Portland and beyond: access to healthy food.

Chris is very passionate about fruit trees being present in the city, as he was raised in an environment where there were none. Chris donated a large amount of prints to their fundraising event this year to help with the cause.

Collectors and Commissions

Scottish Power

EMI Records

Marriott Hotels

Portland Development Commission

Prince of Wales Trust

Glasgow City Council

US Senator Ron Wyden (OR)

Ashforth Pacific

Willamette University

Hilton Hotels

Portland Mayor Sam Adams

Portland Rose Festival

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